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Joe Straczynski is the current writer on the following Marvel Comics series:

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Doctor Strange

Silver Surfer: Requiem

Dream Police

Dream Police is a Straczynski graphic novel released on 22 June 2005 by Marvel Comics under the Icon imprint. Straczynski calls it "Dragnet in the Dreamscape". Law officers must confront situations such as vivid dreams wreaking havoc. Mike Deodato provides the art, which Straczynski describes as "spectacular" and "beautifully noir." The book is 48 pages long and costs $3.99.

Straczynski has indicated that there will be more installments of Dream Police if the book is popular.

Dream Police has had a tortuous history. Straczynski wrote a single issue to demonstrate the concept of an anthology comic that would have been published by Joe's Comics. With the termination of Straczynski's relationship with Top Cow Comics (which left the Joe's Comics imprint defunct), Top Cow planned to publish Dream Police, the single issue that they had in hand, as a one-shot comic book. Top Cow sat on this book for a very long time, and Straczynski made its return to him one of his demands in his dispute with Top Cow. The dispute has been resolved, and the Dream Police script was turned over to Marvel Comics.