Fantastic Four

Joe Straczynski took over Fantastic Four beginning with Issue 527. Straczynski wanted to build on on the framework of the previous writer and try to find some new directions. He wanted to delve more deeply into Reed, whom he refers to as "someone who is maybe the smartest guy on the planet, but still is no closer to getting The Answers than he was long ago and is getting restless about that." Straczynski hoped to get into the more cosmic stories, while at the same time dealing with the family dynamics and the rest of the Fantastic Four coming to terms with their financial situations.

Straczynski left Fantastic Four after issue 541 in order to devote the necessary time to Thor, his miniseries comics, and his screenwriting.

A Director's Cut of Issue 527 was released on 22 June 2005.


IssueTitleRelease Date
527"Distant Music"25 May 2005
528"Random Factors"29 June 2005
529"Appointment Overdue"27 July 2005
530"Truth in Flight"24 August 2005
531"Many Questions, Some Answered"28 September 2005
532"Any Day Now... I Shall Be Released"16 November 2005
533"What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas"21 December 2005
534"Shadow Boxing"01 February 2006
535"To Be This Monster"22 February 2006
536"The Hammer Falls"29 March 2006
537"The Hammer Falls, Part Two"26 April 2006
538"Street Fighting"28 June 2006
539"Decisions Made"02 August 2006
540"Some Words Can Never Be Taken Back"04 October 2006
541"Many Annoying Things, None of them French"20 December 2006