Doctor Strange

Straczynski co-wrote a six-issue Doctor Strange limited series for Marvel with Samm Barnes. The title is simply Strange. Straczynski wanted to bring Doctor Strange into the 21st Century and revisualize certain aspects of his character and history. Straczynski's problem with Doctor Strange is that his look, his way of doing business, and everything about him is rooted in 1950s style Vegas magicians and Lovecraft. This book was intended to be fun because Straczynski is a longtime fan of Doctor Strange, and he wanted to do something nifty with the character. Brandon Peterson is the artist.


IssueTitleRelease Date
1"Strange, Part 1"15 September 2004
2"Strange, Part 2"27 October 2004
3"Strange, Part 3"29 December 2004
4"Strange, Part 4"23 February 2005
5"Strange, Part 5"06 April 2005
6"Strange, Part 6"02 June 2005