The Book of Lost Souls

The Book of Lost Souls is the title for an ongoing monthly comic book that Joe Straczynski is working on for Marvel Comics. Straczynski describes it as being in the spirit of Sandman. The book is published under Marvel's Icon imprint for creator-owned titles. Colleen Doran is the artist.

Here's the Marvel solicitation description: "The destinies of most people are defined early on. Then there are the others - the lost. Those whose numbers aren't in yet, who could go toward the light or toward the darkness - indeed, who could be tipped one direction or another. And everything starts with the book. That's what Jonathan is about to discover. When he took a suicide plunge off the London Bridge more than a century ago, the last place he expected to land was on his feet, in the present, standing at the entrance to a tunnel into a world of mysteries beyond his wildest imagination. A world of powers and principalities and, above all, rules that he'd best learn quickly. Or he'll have to deal with the Dark Man. And what the Dark Man can't turn, he devours."


IssueTitleRelease Date
1"Introductions All Around"26 October 2005
2"Dragons in the Dishwater"09 November 2005
3"The Insufficiency of Rain"21 December 2005
4"No Way Out"11 January 2006
5"No Way Out, Part Two"22 February 2006
6"The Mystery Of"05 April 2006