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Joe Straczynski was the writer of Marvel Comics' Amazing Spider-Man for over six and a half years. Straczynski started off by introducing the character of Ezekiel who forever changes the way Peter Parker views himself and Spider-Man. He also made some changes in Peter's personal life and introduced a new villain named Morlun. Straczynski wanted to take risks, experiment, and bring Peter Parker into the 21st Century.

J. Michael Straczynski, John Romita Jr. and Scott Hanna won the 2002 Eisner Award for Best Serialized Story for "Coming Home", which appeared in issues 30 through 35 of Amazing Spider-Man.

Straczynski's planned story line was interrupted by Issue 36. Marvel comics asked Straczynski to address the September 11th terrorist attack in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man. Straczynski accepted the challenge only after the story came to him in a rush. On the one-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks, J. Michael Straczynski provided the text of Amazing Spider-Man 36 - slightly modified to be more general - for those who were unable to read the comic book.

John Romita Jr. was the artist through Issue 508. Mike Deodato Jr. took over the art chores in Issue 509.

As part of crossover stories, Straczynski occasionally wrote other Spider-Man titles. They are also lised on this page.


IssueTitleRelease Date
30"Transformations, Literal & Otherwise"11 April 2001
31"Coming Home"09 May 2001
32"The Long, Dark Pizza of the Soul"13 June 2001
33"All Fall Down"11 July 2001
34"Meltdown"15 August 2001
35"Coming Out"03 October 2001
36"Stand Tall"14 November 2001. Deals with the World Trade Center attack.
37"Interlude"09 January 2002
38"The Conversation"06 February 2002
39"Meanwhile..."13 March 2002. This is the 'Nuff Said silent issue.
40"Sensitive Issues"08 May 2002
41"Looking Back"30 May 2002
42"A Strange Turn of Events"26 June 2002
43"Cold Arms"24 July 2002
44"Arms and the Men"28 August 2002
45"Until the Stars Turn Cold"25 September 2002
46"Unnatural Enemies"06 November 2002
47"The Life & Death of Spiders"20 November 2002
48"A Spider's Tale"26 December 2002
49"Bad Connections"22 January 2003
50"Doomed Affairs"26 February 2003
51"Digger"26 March 2003
52"Dig This"23 April 2003
53"Parts and Pieces"21 May 2003
54"The Balancing of Karmic Accounts"02 July 2003
55"Unintended Consequences"16 July 2003. Script by Fiona Avery.
56"The Revolution Within"13 August 2003. Script by Fiona Avery.
57"Happy Birthday"27 August 2003
58"Happy Birthday, Part Two"24 September 2003
500"Happy birthday, Part Three"22 October 2003. Original numbering scheme resumes.
501"Intermezzo Number One: Saturday in the Park With May"26 November 2003
502"Intermezzo Number Two: You Want Pants With That?"24 December 2003
503"Chasing a Dark Shadow"28 January 2004. Script by Fiona Avery.
504"The Coming of Chaos"25 February 2004. Script by Fiona Avery.
505"Vibes"17 March 2004. Script by Fiona Avery.
506"The Book of Ezekiel: Chapter One"07 April 2004
507"The Book of Ezekiel: Chapter Two"19 May 2004
508"The Book of Ezekiel: Chapter Three"16 June 2004
509"Sins Past, Part One"23 June 2004. Mike Deodato Jr. begins as artist.
509Director's Cut reprint28 July 2004. Includes script and other bonus materials.
510"Sins Past, Part Two"28 July 2004
511"Sins Past, Part Three"25 August 2004
512"Sins Past, Part Four"29 September 2004
513"Sins Past, Part Five"27 October 2004
514"Sins Past, Part Six"24 November 2004
515"Skin Deep, Part 1 of 4"29 December 2004
516"Skin Deep, Part 2 of 4"26 January 2005
517"Skin Deep, Part 3 of 4"23 February 2005
518"Skin Deep, Part 4 of 4"23 March 2005
519"Moving Up"20 April 2005
520"Acts of Aggression"25 May 2005
521"Unintended Consequences"29 June 2005
522"Moving Targets"27 July 2005
523"Extreme Measures"31 August 2005
524"All Fall Down"28 September 2005

Straczynski participated in a 12-part crossover that spanned three books and creative teams. The title was "The Other: Evolve or Die". The writers switched between books, so Issue 525 and 526 of The Amazing Spider-Man were written by other authors. Meanwhile, Straczynski wrote an issue each of the other two books, Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman and Marvel Knights Spider-Man, listed below.

IssueTitleRelease Date
527"The Other: Evolve or Die, Part 9"28 December 2005
528"The Other: Evolve or Die, Part 12"25 January 2006
529"Mr. Parker Goes to Washington, Part One of Three"22 February 2006
530"Mr. Parker Goes to Washington, Part Two of Three"22 March 2006
531"Mr. Parker Goes to Washington, Part Three of Three"26 April 2006
532"The War at Home"01 June 2006
533"The Night the War Came Home"28 June 2006
534"The War at Home, Part Three of Six"26 July 2006
535"The War at Home, Part Four of Six"27 September 2006
536"The War at Home, Part Five of Six"22 November 2006
537"The War at Home, Part Six of Six"03 January 2007
538"The War at Home, Part Seven of Seven"21 February 2007
539"Back in Black, Part 1 of 5"21 March 2007
540"Back in Black, Part 2 of 5"09 May 2007
541"Back in Black, Part 3 of 5"20 June 2007
542"Back in Black, Part 4 of 5"25 July 2007
543"An Incident on the Fourth Floor" ("Back in Black, Part 5")22 August 2007
544"One More Day, Part 1"06 September 2007
545"One More Day, Part Four of Four"28 December 2007

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

IssueTitleRelease Date
3"The Other: Evolve or Die, Part 7"07 December 2005
24"The Other Side of Darkness" ("One More Day, Part 2")10 October 2007

Marvel Knights Spider-Man

IssueTitleRelease Date
21"The other: Evolve or Die, Part 8"14 December 2005

Sensational Spider-Man

IssueTitleRelease Date
41"One More Day, Part Three of Four"29 November 2007

Ultimate Civil War Spider-Ham (featuring Wolverham)

Issue 1 was released on Wednesday 31 January 2007. This story by J. Michael "Hamzynski" features a bunch of Marvel heroes appearing as pigs.