The Save Crusade Campaign


The Cancelled Babylon 5 Spin-Off

Crusade was the first spin-off series set in the Babylon 5 universe. Unfortunately, TNT cancelled the show before it even premiered! At least TNT showed the existing 13 episodes of Crusade.

Crusade's premise is set up at the climax of the Babylon 5 movie "A Call to Arms". The Drakh launched a plague that will kill every person on Earth in five years. The story of Crusade follows the crew of the Excalibur in their search for a cure to the plague. As expected, Joe Straczynski planne do diverge significantly from this initial setup during the course of the show.

About the Show

Take a look at how fans experienced the approach of Crusade with a list of links that I assembled in 1999.

This is the timeline of the Crusade cancellation saga.

TNT Ratings
These are the ratings from Crusade's run on TNT.

Sci-Fi Channel Order
When the Sci-Fi Channel re-aired Crusade, they gave Joe Straczynski the opportunity to change the episode order. This is what he came up with.




The Save Crusade Campaign banner was created by Ross B. Tierney from an original Crusade logo created by Becky Murphy.