Ratings on TNT

These are the Nielsen ratings from Crusade's original run on TNT.

The numbers below are for the TNT coverage area, so they represent percentages of TNT's potential audience. Crusade had an average national rating of 1, which represents 994,000 households in the United States.

"War Zone"1.91.2
"The Long Road"1.40.7
"The Well of Forever"1.20.8
"The Path of Sorrows"0.81.1
"Patterns of the Soul"1.3
"Ruling from the Tomb"1.3
"The Rules of the Game"1.0
"Appearances and Other Deceits"1.3
"Racing the Night"1.2
"The Memory of War"1.3
"The Needs of Earth"1.5
"Visitors from Down the Street"1.2
"Each Night I Dream of Home"1.3