Primary Sites

Crusade for Crusade
This site is the central organizer for the efforts to save Crusade. It collected fan contributions to run advertisements in two magazines to raise awareness and viewership for Crusade. They also run button distribution campaigns with Crusade's cast and organize fan communications with the Sci-Fi Channel.

SCIFI.COM Official Site
The Sci-Fi Channel has set up a web site for Crusade. The majority of the content is duplicated from the Lurker's Guide.

Other Web Sites

The Save Crusade Campaign
This site is the source of the Save Crusade Campaign banner featured on the Worlds of JMS Crusade page. Several other banner styles are available for raising Crusade awareness on the Web.

InterStellar Network News
This comprehensive site chronicled Crusade's short run.

GEOS: Global Episode Opinion Survey: Crusade
At this site you can vote for episodes of Crusade (and other genre shows) by ranking them on a scale of 0 to 10.


General Review of Crusade
Glen Oliver at Ain't It Cool News wrote this general review of the entire series based on his viewing of six episodes and reading three additional scripts.

"Sci-fi series never gets off the ground"
Rob Owen wrote this review of Crusade - and "War Zone" in particular - for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

"Crusade: A Retrospective"
L. E. McClintock looks back on the 13 episodes of the Crusade series.