Buildup of Anticipation

I built this collection of links during the production of Crusade. They give a historical perspective on how the fans learned about the show at the time.

Episode Titles
JMS provided the definitive list of titles for the 13 Crusade episodes to be shown.

Opening Credits
Ain't It Cool News posted these images from the Crusade opening credits.

Crusade Promotional Artwork
Glen Oliver at Ain't It Cool News scooped the TNT promotional artwork for Crusade. Note that it refers to "a special limited series".

TNT Crusade Site
TNT maintained an official Crusade Web site. It had a schedule, brief synopses, and pictures. The site has been taken down.

"Beyond Babylon"
This article by Tyler McLeod in the Calgary Sun includes more information from JMS about the development of Crusade.