Sci-Fi Channel Episode Order

In April 2001, the Sci-Fi Channel aired Crusade for the first time since its original broadcast on TNT. They asked Joe Straczynski to select his preferred viewing order for the broadcast. The order he came up with is listed below. This order results in some continuity errors - particularly the costumes switching back and forth - but Straczynski feels that this order will do the most justice to the overall story. The Sci-Fi Channel ran the series a second time as a marathon on 8 October 2001 and a third time in January 2002.

"Racing the Night"April 9January 2
"The Needs of Earth"April 10January 3
"The Memory of War"April 11January 4
"The Long Road"April 12January 7
"Visitors from Down the Street"April 16January 8
"The Well of Forever"April 17January 9
"Each Night I Dream of Home"April 18January 10
"Patterns of the Soul"April 19January 11
"The Path of Sorrows"April 23January 14
"Ruling from the Tomb"April 24January 15
"The Rules of the Game"April 25January 16
"War Zone"April 26January 17
"Appearances and Other Deceits"   April 30   January 18