Jeremiah Reviews

Reviews by Mike Helba of Jeremiah Episodes

These mini-reviews might more accurately be called commentaries. I provide praise and criticism to various parts of the episodes and analyze possible advancements in the overall plot arc.

Season One

1 & 2: "The Long Road"

3: "Man of Iron, Woman Under Glass"

4: "And the Ground, Sown with Salt"

5: "To Sail Beyond the Stars"

6: "The Bag"

7: "City of Roses"

8: "Firewall"

9: "The Red Kiss"

10: "Journeys End in Lovers Meeting"

11: "Thieves' Honor"


12: "The Touch"

13: "Mother of Invention"

14: "Tripwire"

15: "Ring of Truth"

16: "Moon in Gemini"

17: "Out of the Ashes"

18: "A Means to an End"

19: "Things Left Unsaid, Part One"

19: "Things Left Unsaid, Part Two"