"Thieves' Honor" Review

by Mike Helba

In "Thieves' Honor" Jeremiah and Kurdy return to Clarefield, the town ruled by the ruthless Theo that they visited in Jeremiah's pilot episode.

The primary and secondary plots integrate well in this episode. Someone inside Thunder Mountain is broadcasting information to Clarefield. When this information results in the capture of Elizabeth (Kurdy's love interest) and Gabriel, Jeremiah and Kurdy head to Clarefield to rescue them. While Jeremiah and Kurdy intercept the deposed Theo, Chen captures the informer and brings him to Markus for trial. The plots intersect again when Kurdy meets up with the recipient of the illegal transmissions.

The meat of "Thieves' Honor" are the scenes between Jeremiah and Theo. Jeremiah sees no redeeming qualities in Theo. However, as their discussions shed light on Theo's background, Jeremiah comes to a grudging understanding of her, although without any respect. His greater understanding of Theo leads him to rethink his own actions. Fortunately, Sam Egan avoids the cliche of the two characters falling for each other.

"Thieves' Honor" sets up some new situations that may be developed in the future. Kurdy and Elizabeth express their feelings for each other. Good for Kurdy, I say. He deserves someone in his life. Also, Rasmussen takes over Clarefield and proves to be just as ruthless as Theo. This leaves Theo alone to plot her revenge. Finally, Markus turns over judgement on their prisoner to the Thunder Mountain council. Is this a positive move towards democracy or another sign of Markus' eroding self-confidence?

Unfortunately, like a few other Jeremiah episodes, "Thieves' Honor" had a situation that seemed unrealistic. When Jeremiah arrives in Clarefield with Theo, reaction shots show the townspeople taking notice of Theo. However, this attention did not hinder the heroes from mounting their rescue effort. It seems unlikely that they encounter only two of Rasmussen's guards while in Clarefield, especially with plenty of greedy townspeople who could have tipped off the authorities.