"Mother of Invention" Review

by Mike Helba

"Mother of Invention" introduces Michelle, the leader of an organized group who is also a former lover of Jeremiah. Jeremiah and Kurdy are ordered to explore the possibility of an alliance between Thunder Mountain and Michelle's group. Their mission is complicated by allegations that Michelle is merely building a private treasure hoard and by Jeremiah's discovery of Gabe, Michelle's son who may or may not also be Jeremiah's.

It is interesting to see another group that is intelligently trying to recapture what it can of the old world. Their level of technology and success is similar to that revealed in the town of Clarefield. However, unlike Theo's selfish aims in Clarefield, Michelle's group is sharing its rediscoveries with neighboring communities.

Michelle knows a surprising amount about the supposedly secret Thunder Mountain. She has little respect for Markus, who has been keeping his resources for his own people. This raises the question of how secret Thunder Mountain actually is.

It is amazing how far Michelle has come in such a short time. The circumstances of Gabe's birth imply that she had not yet formed her organization when he was born five years previously. Her success must be attributed to the strength of her character.

"Mother of Invention" raises the question of what place art holds in a world where survival is a day-to-day struggle. Sadly, the writers' assumption that art would fall victim to most people's needs is probably true.

"Mother of Invention" rides on the strength of the Sabrina Grdevich who plays Michelle. She is one of the strongest guest performers on Jeremiah so far. Hopefully we will see her again.

One odd aspect of the script is that Michelle's organization is made out to be ruthless, implying that enemies who see the face of "Steve", the leader, are killed. When "Steve" is revealed to be Michelle, these accusations are dropped. Are we supposed to believe that all of the rumors are part of the manufactured "Steve" mythology? Furthermore, plenty of people witness Michelle giving Jeremiah and Kurdy a tour. Is everyone in this huge group part of the "small" inner circle that knows Michelle is the leader, or does she have a false identity within her organization as Steve's top lieutenant?