"Things Left Unsaid, Part One" Review

by Mike Helba

Wow. Joe Straczynski wasn't kidding when he said that "Things Left Unsaid" is one of the best things he has ever produced. I'm going to use this essay to sift through my thoughts of questions answered and new questions asked, so beware of heavy spoilers.

First, Jeremiah and Kurdy discover that Lee Chen is the traitor inside Thunder Mountain. I already suspected this due to his connection to Ezekiel and Ezekiel's connection to Valhalla Sector, but I'll discuss the Ezekiel enigma more in a moment. Chen joins up with forces that are most likely Valhalla Sector since they are the only ones known to have helicopters. I'm not placing any bets yet on Chen's true motives.

Next, Jeremiah and Kurdy discover the Brothers of the Apocalypse. Jeremiah should have visited them in the second episode, but Lee Chen sabotaged his efforts by hiding the clue to their importance. The Brothers of the Apocalypse are made up - at least in part - by older men who survived the Big Death. They have formed a religious order to bear witness to the rebirth of a new world. Unfortunately, they have learned that the Big Death is returning, less virulent but now contractible by children as well as adults. Chen's actions kept this information contained for months.

The Brothers of the Apocalypse have a connection to Valhalla Sector. The nature of this connection isn't explained, but the Brothers provide Jeremiah with an easy way to get in touch with Valhalla Sector. Could these older men be refugees from Valhalla Sector? Have the surviving adults segregated into two groups with opposing agendas?

The mysterious Ezekiel is staying at the Brothers of the Apocalypse compound. He seems to be one of them (although he never wears a robe), but previous episodes portray him with ties to Valhalla Sector. In this episode, he immediately knew that Elizabeth coming to the Brothers of the Apocalypse from the Thunder Mountain convoy means that she has led their enemies (Valhalla Sector, I assume) to their location. This means that Ezekiel knew that Valhalla Sector was trailing the convoy.

Throughout all of these revelations, we witness the distressing breakup of Jeremiah's relationship with Kurdy. Kurdy has finally found a place for himself in the world working with Elizabeth and Markus to build a better society. Not only does Jeremiah turn his back on this goal, but he jeopardizes Kurdy's participation in it as well. Kurdy resolves to leave Jeremiah and return to Thunder Mountain, but before he can Elizabeth is injured at the Brothers of the Apocalypse compound. Kurdy might have forgiven Jeremiah someday for endangering him, but he will likely never forgive Jeremiah for putting Elizabeth at risk.

"Things Left Unsaid, Part One" is brilliantly written, directed, and acted. I've seen plenty of problems with all the previous Jeremiah episodes, but I honestly have no complaints about this riveting installment. I am eagerly awaiting the last episode of the season, which I'm sure will ask even more new questions.