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April 2007

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30 April 2007

Re: Babylon 5 - The Lost Tales
JMS states that Claudia Christian never appeared in Season Five of Babylon 5.

24 April 2007

Re: "Babylon 5 - The Lost Tales"- NEWS and ARTWORK
JMS discusses the sales popularity of Babylon 5: The Lost Tales on

21 April 2007

Re: update from jms 4/15/07
JMS relates his signing rules.

Re: JMS: Legend of the Rangers question
JMS discusses the gunnery pod from Legend of the Rangers.

19 April 2007

Re: PAD B5 scripts
JMS plans to approach the other Babylon 5 writers about publishing their scripts after he has finished publishing his scripts.

17 April 2007

Re: update from jms 4/15/07
JMS would be willing to try to fit a Berlin signing into his busy schedule.

Re: update from jms 4/15/07
JMS will have a signing appearance in London on 12 May 2007.

15 April 2007

update from jms 4/15/07
JMS gives updates on his current projects.

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