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Rising Stars Preview / Prelude Synopsis

"Visitations & Midnight Thoughts"

Dr. Bill Welles enjoys a pleasant evening on his front porch with Corinne. Their second date is going well, and Corinne is glad that she went out with him instead of listening to "the stories they tell in town" about Bill. She sees what she thinks is a falling star. Bill asks her to go inside for more ice, complaining that he would do it if it wasn't for his back. After she leaves, the falling star comes to a stop in front of the house. It is Jerry Montrose. His naked body levitates above the ground engulfed in flame.

Bill invites Jerry into the house. Corinne is startled when she sees him and drops a glass. Jerry instinctively shoots fire from his eyes to vaporize the glass before it can hit the floor and make a mess. This rattles Corinne even more. She calls Jerry by the name given to him by the newspapers: Pyre. Jerry is a wanted criminal who has killed people, but Bill believes the deaths were in self defense. He tells Corinne how he was appointed by the government to monitor the Specials when they were children. He told the children that they could always come to him no matter how old they got and he would never judge them. When Corinne asks about three burning victims in Texas, Jerry says that he did not kill them and implies that he may have been framed. However, he adds that his story is "to the best of my recollection". Corinne storms out of the house.

Jerry offers some small talk when Bill interrupts him and asks him to turn off his flame. Jerry reveals that he has not turned it off in two or three years. It is a strain, but he feels it is necessary to protect himself from his enemies. In the end he gives in to Bill and turns off his power. Bill gets him a robe to wear.

Jerry asks about the news that Jason Miller had a child. Bill confirms that Robert Daniel Miller was born three weeks earlier and named after Jason's father. Jerry wants to know if the child is a Special. Bill says they can't be sure this soon but that the child appears normal. Jerry is pleased that the child will at least have a chance. Bill takes issue with Jerry's belief that he never had a chance. Jerry maintains that he didn't because everyone became scared of him when his pyro power manifested itself. Bill reminds Jerry that the only previous pyro was Lee Jackson, who gave people a reason to be scared. Jerry maintains that he isn't Lee.

Jerry remembers his childhood conversation with Dr. Welles after his power manifested itself. He complained that the freaks think he is a freak. Dr. Welles explained that Lee hurt people because he couldn't control his power and that in time Jerry will be able to control his power so that people will accept him.

Jerry is brought back to the present by Bill's suggestion that he call Jason. Jerry thinks it is a crazy idea since he and Jason have tried to kill each other several times in the past. Bill thinks Jerry doesn't give himself or Jason enough credit.

Jerry reminisces about his childhood. He felt unclean when his power manifested itself and decided to become what people thought he was. He got in trouble with the law and was placed on probation. During this time he had his falling out with Jason. Jason collected superhero comics. He dreamed of the Specials forming a crime fighting group when they got older. Jason made his own costume patterned after the MegaMan costume. He still wears a similar costume as the corporate superhero Flagg. Jason accused Jerry of stealing his MegaMan #1 comic book. This was the last straw that sealed Jerry's fate as an outcast.

Bill asks if Jerry stole the comic book. Jerry denies it.

Jerry bided his time until he was 18 years old. He left his home and went to Las Vegas where he worked for the casinos as both an attraction and a loan collector. He had money, respect, and women. Then his bosses tricked him into extorting money from an innocent man. Since the local cops were afraid of him, they called in Flagg. He apparently volunteered for the job. Over the years, Flagg tracked Jerry down every time he tried to start over. Jerry says he could have killed Jason but didn't.

Jerry tells Bill that he wanted to explain to Jason that it wasn't his fault. When he adds that it wasn't his fault that he has the power, Bill reminds him that the power is symbiotic. The person shapes the power as much as the power shapes the person. Bill says Jerry became what everyone thought he was because it was easier than proving what he really was. The problem is that Jerry doesn't know what he really is.

Jerry says that it is time for him to leave. Bill reveals that Jason has asked about Jerry several times. He encourages Jerry to contact Jason before it is too late. Bill tells Jerry that Joey Drake, a Special who didn't have an enemy in the world, died the previous Thursday. He may have been the victim of murder. Jerry asks Bill to say hello to Paula Rodriquez for him as he drops the robe and rises in a blaze.

Andrea Miller finds her husband, Jason, looking over their new baby. She tells him that the office just called. The want him to fight revolutionaries in South America. Jerry is having second thoughts about the morality of his job.

There is a knock at the door. Jason warns Andrea to say put, fearing for her safety. He goes to the front door. No one is there. On the doorstep, he finds a copy of MegaMan #1.