Rising Stars Synopses

Synopses by Mike Helba of Rising Stars Issues

Issue 0: "Rising Stars"

Issue 0 Reprint: "Initiations: A lost tale of the Specials"

Issue 1/2

Preview/Prelude Issue: "Visitations & Midnight Thoughts"

Issue 1: "Nova Placenta"

Issue 2: "Can't Touch This"

Issue 3: "Whatever Happened to Lee Jackson?"

Issue 4: "Masques"

Issue 5: "The World Between"

Issue 6: "Things Fall Apart, Part One of Three"

Issue 7: "Things Fall Apart, Part Two of Three"

Issue 8: "Things Fall Apart, Part Three of Three"

Issue 9: "Choices Made"

Issue 10: "Reversals of Fortune"

Issue 11: "What Goes Around..."

Issue 12: "A, B, C, and D"

Issue 13: "Stalingrad"

Issue 14: "Things Change"

Issue 15: "Power"

Issue 16: "Selah"

Issue 17: "Time Passes"