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Subject: Re: from jms: update
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2008 01:39:38 -0700 (PDT)
From: "" 

Just jumping in for a quick follow-up....

1) For those who wondered why $2M for a 2 hour movie was low when we
used to do B5 for $850K/hour...first, that was ten years ago, and
costs across the board have gone way up; second, we could amortize
costs across a season of 22 episodes, which you can't do for a stand-
alone.  Meaning, you want a given set that costs $100,000 to build.
You spread that cost across 22 episodes and the hit is small.  You can
also spread other hard costs across that period.  In a stand-alone you
have to pay for everything out of that one budget.  And on top of
that, scale for 2-hour salaries for crew and cast are higher per-hour
than a one-hour production.

2) In regards to Comic Con San was touch-and-go there for a
while, but I'll be able to make it there after all.  The schedule for
the con is:

Writing seminar Thursday at 11.  May or may not be able to swing by
the Ninja Assassin talk at 6.

Autographs Saturday 1-3 in the main signing area, and my spotlight at

Nothing on Sunday because I have to get back early because of work.