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Subject: Re: from jms
Date: 6/10/2008 1:44:15 PM
From: "" 

On Jun 10, 10:48am, Ranger Elenopa  wrote:
> On Jun 10, 1:50pm, Graham Smith  wrote:
> > On Jun 10, 3:52 am, ""  wrote:
> > > Yeah, that's the issue, but unfortunately when I enter my info it says
> > > I can't place an order from the US. You can place an order FOR the US
> > > FROM the UK but not the other way.
> > I have friends in the UK that can order it for you. Is that the July
> > issue?
> Or, I am in the UK and would gladly order it for you.
> Ranger Elenopa

Yep, that's the issue, it's on the stands in the UK as well, and if
somebody could get it for me, no preference on who/how, that would be