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January 2007

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19 January 2007

Re: Attn: JMS - NY Comic Con and TLT sneak peek
JMS won't have any B5:TLT footage to show at the New York Comic Con, but he will have a trailer for the San Diego Comic Con.

13 January 2007

Re: Shades of "12 Angry Men (1957)"
JMS has jury duty.

01 January 2007

Re: JMS: World War Z?
JMS can not comment on whether he is writing the adapation of World War Z.

Re: How to catalog your collection
JMS discusses the Escient media managers.

Re: jms viewing list
JMS discusses A Christmas Carol.

Re: jms viewing list
More answers from JMS about his DVD collection.

Re: jms viewing list
JMS continues to answer questions about his DVD collection.

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