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August 2006

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27 August 2006

Re: update from jms
JMS has some fun at his detractors' expense.

26 August 2006

update from jms
JMS gives updates on his current projects.

22 August 2006

Re: JMS: Why direct B5:TLT?
JMS explains why he wants to direct the first episodes of Babylon 5: The Lost Tales.

19 August 2006

Re: Did somebody mention a party at Worldcon?
JMS directs fans to a Tracy Scoggins appearance.

15 August 2006

Re: My presidential pick for 2008
JMS makes some predictions for the 2008 U.S. Presidential race.

14 August 2006

Re: Once again Reuters buries the lead
JMS can only respond to this disheartening triva with a joke.

Re: My presidential pick for 2008
JMS jokingly compares Dick Cheney to... something better left unspoken.

13 August 2006

Conventions on Hold
JMS must cancel his convention appearances for the next six months due to his workload.

11 August 2006

Re: JMS: CafePress idea
JMS doesn't seem to be onboard with the latest merchandise suggestion.

09 August 2006

Re: Attn JMS: Trek Scripts for Sale
JMS discusses the pricing of his script books.

07 August 2006

Re: ATTN JMS Comic Book Questions
JMS answers several comic book questions.

05 August 2006

Re: JMS's Spotlight at SDCC
JMS describes his first meeting with Ron Howard and provides some additional news.

Re: JMS: MoSF - Watchbird?
JMS explains that he removed his credit from "Watchbird" because it was extensively rewritten by Sam Egan before production.

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