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July 2006

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26 July 2006

Re: So what is it 3*20 min? or is there more.
JMS calculates the length of the new Babylon 5 DVDs.

Re: JMS's Spotlight at SDCC
JMS says his film success brings him more options in television.

25 July 2006

Re: JMS's Spotlight at SDCC
JMS describes the sudden skyrocketing of his career.

24 July 2006

Re: JMS's Spotlight at SDCC
JMS provides some information on Apocalypse Al and the new Babylon 5 short movies.

19 July 2006

Re: JMS Murder She Wrote Scripts?
JMS would publish his Murder, She Wrote scripts if there is sufficient interest.

Re: The Bugle sueing Peter !!!
JMS maintains that the current legal events in The Amazing Spider-Man are realistic.

Re: I'm Gone
JMS hints that he may announce a new Babylon 5 project at the San Diego Comic Con.

18 July 2006

Re: I'm Gone
JMS promises to give the moderated newsgroup another chance after conferring with the moderators.

I'm Gone
JMS announces that he has mostly stopped reading and posting to the Babylon 5 Moderated Newsgroup.

Re: Happy Birthday JMS
JMS grumps about his birthday.

16 July 2006

Re: JMS & B5 at Comic Con This week (2006)
JMS discusses his Comic Con schedule.

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