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December 2005

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30 December 2005

Volume 3 Available Monday
JMS announces that Volume 3 of the Babylon 5 script books will be available on Monday 02 January 2006.

28 December 2005

Re: Joe and Harlan at the Movies
JMS critiques his public speaking.

Re: Joe and Harlan at the Movies
JMS discusses first-meeting nervousness.

Re: Joe and Harlan at the Movies
JMS jokes again.

27 December 2005

Re: Joe and Harlan at the Movies
JMS jokes about the quality of his public speaking skills.

Re: Joe and Harlan at the Movies
JMS declines to tell a long story online but suggests that someone ask him at his next convention appearance.

23 December 2005

Re: ATTN JMS - script book season opening voiceovers
JMS didn't see the point to including the text of the opening credit voice-overs in the script books.

21 December 2005

Re: Upcoming Silver Surfer: Requiem
JMS can't reveal any information about his Silver Surfer miniseries.

Re: ATTN JMS: Quick One About How You Write
JMS describes his writing process.

20 December 2005

Re: ATTN: JMS: Comics Stuff
JMS provides an update on the Babylon 5 graphic novel.

19 December 2005

Re: JMS: Year-end update?
JMS summarizes the comic books he's currently writing.

Re: ATTN JMS: OT - What are your favorite current comics?
JMS identifies his favorite comic book writers.

Re: ATTN: JMS: Comics Stuff
JMS answers questions about his comic book work.

17 December 2005

Re: JMS: Year-end update?
JMS gives an update about his current projects.

Re: ATTN JMS: regarding "The Boss"
JMS responds to comments about the script books.

16 December 2005

Re: Question for JMS (or anyone who knows) about Scripts Vol. 2 or 3
JMS will discuss Michael O'Hare's departure in Volume 3.

14 December 2005

Re: ATTN JMS: Missing pages in Volume 2
JMS provides help to someone with pages missing from their script book.

08 December 2005

Re: Problem: Volume 1 scriptbook paid for Nov 9, not arrived.
JMS explains how to get help for missing script books.

07 December 2005

Re: Free Black T-Shirt
JMS doesn't want to reuse any of the already-produced quotes on the black T-shirt.

06 December 2005

Free Black T-Shirt
The Babylon 5 Quotes store will produce one black T-shirt, and JMS solicits suggestions for which quote should go on it.

Re: Scriptbook No.1 not yet arrived
JMS discusses CafePress shipping issues.

Re: Volume II
JMS discusses how quickly the Babylon 5 script books are shipped.

04 December 2005

Re: Volume 3 by Christmas
The third script book will be released in early January 2006.

Re: Attn JMS:
Some of the Babylon 5 quotation merchandise is being reworked to make it more readable.

Re: ATTN JMS: Union script writers quote
JMS discusses the practice of shooting material during one episode for use in a future episode.

03 December 2005

Re: Attn JMS:
CafePress is correcting problems with Canadian customers being charged GST.

02 December 2005

Re: Attn JMS:
Warner Bros. owns the Babylon 5 logo and images, so he can't include them on any of his merchandise.

01 December 2005

Re: Attn JMS: Intros to non-JMS scripts?
JMS explains why he won't write full-length commentaries on other writers' scripts.

Re: Attn: JMS - Medium for Declaration
JMS explains why they didn't include a simple parchment or poster with the Declaration of Principles from CafePress.

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