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November 2002

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26 November 2002

Things You Don't Expect to Hear
Apparently, President George W. Bush thinks Babylon 5 is the best science fiction television series ever.

25 November 2002

Re: Jeremiah
JMS responds to a joking request for more work from him.

24 November 2002

Re: ATN: JMS - Why no bloopers on DVDs ?
JMS explains why there are no bloopers on the Babylon 5 DVDs.

22 November 2002

Re: Attn JMS: I think we've got pirate scripts and want advice.
JMS responds to someone who accidentally purchased a pirated script.

17 November 2002

Re: JMS: Jeremiah
Jeremiah won't be syndicated for three more years.

11 November 2002

Re: JMS: You can't help it, can you?
JMS is now the busiest that he has ever been in his life.

Re: Attn: JMS - Any word on DVD sales?
JMS just might stoop to a suggestion from a fan.

Re: Hello& attn: JMS
JMS discusses his future novel publications.

Re: Attn: JMS - Any word on DVD sales?
JMS discusses whether the success of the Babylon 5 Season One DVD boxed set will affect the release schedule for future sets.

Re: ATTN JMS: Re "Chrysalis" DVD Commentary
JMS believes there was a conspiracy behind the JFK assassination.

10 November 2002

Re: Attn: JMS - Any word on DVD sales?
Warner Bros. is stunned by the Babylon 5 DVD sales.

07 November 2002

Re: ATTN: JMS Season 2 of Jeremiah?
JMS expects Season Two of Jeremiah to begin in early March 2003, and all of the episodes should air straight through.

Re: ATTN JMS: Who I do contact at Warners to try and offer our
Warner Home Video is not using any outside sources for its DVD design.

05 November 2002

Re: JMS: A silly question
JMS skillfully avoids a Star Wars vs. Babylon 5 question.

01 November 2002

Re: Sleeping in Light - Aargh!
JMS discusses the nuances of a happy ending to a story.

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