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October 2002

J. Michael Straczynski posts regularly on Usenet. This page provides quick links to his posts from October 2002, with a brief description of each. Unless otherwise stated, all messages are from

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31 October 2002

Re: ATTN: JMS - Update - Rising Stars / Dream Police?
JMS gives updates on the status of Rising Stars and Dream Police.

30 October 2002

Re: More auctions of B5 scripts and cool stuff
JMS mentions a piece of Babylon 5 scenery for sale on eBay.

Re: ATTN: JMS - Update?
JMS gives very brief updates on his current projects.

Re: JMS on the Spider-Man DVD?
JMS does not appear in the documentary on the Spider-Man DVD.

29 October 2002

Re: Richard Harris
JMS relates a humorous story about his encounter with Richard Harris.

19 October 2002

Re: ATTN JMS: Bibliography + (OT)
JMS lists all of the comic books that he has written.

03 October 2002

Re: From Sci Fi wire on Jeremiah
JMS comments on coincidences of characters and people named Sam surrounding Jeremiah.

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