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September 2002

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29 September 2002

Re: Babylon 5 Wars license lost for Agents of Gaming
JMS clarifies that the Agents of Gaming license cancellation and the new role playing game license have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

21 September 2002

Re: JMS: down time?
JMS confirms that Jeremiah has been renewed and comments on two other secret projects.

Re: Babylon 5 Wars is kaput, RIP
JMS says the new Babylon 5 RPG license should kick off next year.

Re: Lost track of Rising Stars...
JMS says Issue 20 of Rising Stars should be out on Wednesday 2 October 2002.

20 September 2002

Re: Babylon 5 Wars license lost for Agents of Gaming
JMS says that there will be a new Role Playing Game license for Babylon 5 soon.

11 September 2002

Re: 9/11 notes from jms
JMS links to an interview with himself about Amazing Spider-Man 36.

Re: ATTN: JMS - Polaris?
JMS reports on the status of Polaris.

9/11 notes from jms
JMS posts the text - slightly modified to be more general - of Amazing Spider-Man 36.

10 September 2002

Re: ATTN JMS: Current Rising Starts comic schedule
JMS gives a status update on Rising Stars and the Midnight Nation trade paperback.

09 September 2002

Re: JMS: Questions abour Sci-Fi channel
JMS continues the discussion about network ownership of shows.

Re: JMS: Questions abour Sci-Fi channel
JMS says that Farscape's cancellation doesn't bode ill for Polaris because Polaris would be owned by the Sci-Fi Channel.

08 September 2002

Re: It isn't all Sci Fi's fault
JMS defends himself against the criticism that he isn't very good at building franchises.

07 September 2002

Re: ATTN: JMS - UK DVDs not widescreen
As far as JMS knows, the Babylon 5 DVDs in the UK should be widescreen.

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