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April 2002

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30 April 2002

jeremiah 5/3 note from jms
JMS writes about "Journeys End in Lovers Meeting", one of his favorite Jeremiah episodes.

29 April 2002

Re: "Rising Stars" Brings Peace to the Middle East
JMS maintains that it is inappropriate to criticize a story without personally reading it.

Re: City of Dreams
In response to my question, JMS reports that the Sci-Fi Channel will not fund any more episodes of City of Dreams.

Re: ATTN JMS: Comic Con
JMS does not know yet when he will make a presentation at ComicCon.

28 April 2002

Re: "Rising Stars" Brings Peace to the Middle East
JMS responds to criticism of Issue 16 of Rising Stars.

27 April 2002

Re: ATTN JMS - Any news to share on the DVDs?
JMS provides a typically Vorlon answer to a request for Babylon 5 DVD news.

24 April 2002

Re: City of Dreams
JMS reminds readers that the City of Dreams episodes are still available.

Re: ATTN JMS: Jeremiah Questions - general and one about Justice
JMS answers questions about Jeremiah's arc, Joe Dante, and justice in Jeremiah.

19 April 2002

Re: Jeremiah, Friday April 19
JMS reminds viewers to watch tonight's episode of Jeremiah.

18 April 2002

Re: JMS: Theo?
JMS says that the character of Theo will return in several upcoming episodes of Jeremiah.

Re: jms- Episodes per season question
JMS says there is no set length for a season of a television series.

Re: ATTN JMS: Gratuitous Sex and Violence?
JMS explains how and why they make two versions of Jeremiah.

Re: ATTN JMS: RS #18 - Jeremiah screw up
JMS responds to someone who purchased a copy of Rising Stars 18 with a printing error.

17 April 2002

Re: Jeremiah, Friday April 19
JMS is pleased that someone noticed the time change for this week's Jeremiah.

16 April 2002

Re: Non-B5 projects you'd like to see Joe on....
JMS would love to work with Joss Whedon someday.

13 April 2002

Re: from jms re: jeremiah arcs
JMS answers a question about a line in the Jeremiah episode "The Bag".

12 April 2002

from jms re: jeremiah arcs
JMS says that the Jeremiah story arc will start progressing more quickly now.

10 April 2002

Re: SFC management
JMS clarifies that the Rangers air date was set before the events of September 11 delayed the football playoffs.

Re: What now - And What Went Wrong?
JMS explains that fan letter-writing campaigns don't work anymore.

Re: What now - And What Went Wrong?
JMS explains again that he is content to have succeeded with what he set out to do with Babylon 5.

Re: SFC management
JMS emphasizes that Legend of the Rangers demonstrated its quality by certain ratings numbers, but the overall rating was severely reduced due to competition with the football playoff game.

08 April 2002

Re: Jeremiah ratings
JMS says that Showtime is very pleased with Jeremiah's ratings.

Re: ATTN JMS: Jeremiah producers
JMS explains what the Jeremiah executive producers do.

07 April 2002

Re: Dissappointed
JMS says that Crusade and Rangers were gifts above and beyond the five-year Babylon 5 story that he set out to tell.

Re: And what did they pick to save instead?
JMS explains why the Sci-Fi Channel is preparing a Battlestar Galactica miniseries.

04 April 2002

Re: SciFi Announces New Programs But No Mention of Rangers
JMS is pretty sure that there will not be a Rangers series.

02 April 2002

Re: ATTN JMS B5 - still interesting?
JMS will always be proud of Babylon 5.

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