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October 2001

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19 October 2001

Personal Request from jms
JMS is looking for a good home for a relative's dog.

18 October 2001

Re: LOTR review up at aint it cool news (SPOILERS)
JMS takes aim at the negative review of Legend of the Rangers on Aint it Cool News.

16 October 2001

Re: ATTN JMS: Spidey 35
JMS talks about how different issues of Amazing Spider-Man fit into his planned story.

14 October 2001

Re: ATTN JMS: Delicate Creatures
Delicate Creatures is running late.

Re: Spidey on NPR
Several media outlets interviewed JMS about Issue 36 of Amazing Spider-Man.

Re: To Live and Die in Starlight Concerns
JMS addresses comment about the new Legend of the Rangers trailer.

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