Rising Stars Feature Film

Joe Straczynski controls the film and television rights to Rising Stars. Sam Raimi's production company is currently developing Rising Stars as a series. This project is currently holding until a production decision is made on Borrowed Lives.

Back in 2001, Straczynski signed a well-publicized deal with MGM and Atlas Entertainment reportedly worth a million dollars. The product would have been a feature film based on the first act of Rising Stars with two sequels to potentially follow.

Straczynski completed a script in December 2001. In June 2002 Anthony and Joe Russo were hired to rewrite Straczynski's script. The new writers threw out Straczynski's script and have created at least three drafts of their own script. Straczynski was locked out of the rewrite process by Top Cow, leading him to withhold the last three comic book scripts.