Notes on Sources

Rising Stars Timeline

This is a timeline of the events in Rising Stars. Sources are given for all entries. Conjectures are explained when they are used.

i-p: issue number - page number

Date Event Reference
Mid-1967 to early-1968 112 children who will become Specials are conceived. Cathy Jean is one of the last to be conceived. 1-5
Early Spring 1968 John Simon is conceived and the Flash hits Pederson. Flash
A few days later Jason Polachek is conceived. 4-6
Early 1969 Edward Claiborne is conceived. 1/2-3
Late 1969 Edward Claiborne is born. 1/2-12
Autumn 1973 Matthew Bright reveals his powers. 1-9
The following months Scientists test the Specials. 1-10
Late 1973 The Enhanced Abilities Child Welfare Act of 1973 is passed. 0-11
Spring 1974 The government opens a day camp for the Specials. 1-16
Spring - Summer 1974 Lee Jackson makes two visits to the camp. He is molested by a camp counselor. 1-17
Autumn 1974 Lee Jackson makes his third visit to the camp. Randy Fisk makes his first visit. 3-5
Autumn 1974 Lee Jackson tells his friends that he wants to be a star. 3-20
Autumn 1974 Lee Jackson uses his power. His parents go into hiding with him that night. Burn
Autumn 1974 The government moves the Specials to a controlled facility. 0r-1
Late 1974 Matthew Bright flies for the first time. 0-8
March 25, 1975 The Supreme Court leaves the Specials in the custody of their parents and orders a physician to oversee them. 0-11
A short time later Dr. Welles is appointed to monitor the Specials. 2-3
Late 1975 Matthew Bright demonstrates his flying powers for Dr. Welles. 0-8
Late 1976 Lee Jackson's parents are killed in a hotel fire. 3-5
1980 Randy Fisk puts on a costume for the first time and begins calling himself "Ravenshadow". 3-4
Early 1980's Willie Smith disappears. 2-4
1 month later The Specials are allowed to fly at camp again. 2-21
Early 1980's Jerry Montrose manifests his pyrotechnic power. P-6
A short time later Jerry Montrose runs away, is captured, and put on probation. P-8
1983 Jason Miller tries on a costume for the first time. P-9
The same day Edward Claiborne plots in his journal to lie about special abilities. 1/2-9
The next day Edward Claiborne claims to fly. Paulson quarantines Pederson. Edward is berthed with the Specials. 1/2-9
The same day Jerry Montrose steals Jason Miller's copy of Megaman #1. P-9
The next day Edward Claiborne dies. 1/2-8
Mid-1980's Jerry Montrose and Jason Miller find Joshua Kane's stash of women's clothes. 6-15
Mid-1980's Elizabeth Chandra's power manifests itself. 5-9
Spring 1986 Several Pederson Specials graduate high school 0-3
1986 Jerry Montrose turns 18 and leaves Pederson for Las Vegas. P-10
Summer 1986 Cathy Jean, Jason Miller, and other Specials register for classes at the State College. Jason meets NexusCorp representatives at a career day booth. 4-10
1988 Jerry Montrose muscles the wrong guy and is labeled a criminal. P-11
Late 1980's David Mueller's mother commits suicide, and he is left in a coma. 4-17
Late 1980's Daniel Bright is killed in the line of duty. Matthew Bright is not allowed to join any law enforcement agencies. He disappears and becomes a New York City cop with a fake ID. 4-3
2 years later Matthew Bright receives the Medal of Honor. 3-8
1990's Jerry Montrose is blamed for three deaths in Texas. P-4
Mid- to Late-1990's Lee Jackson meets Elanor Hamilton. 3-9
2 weeks later Elanor Hamilton gives Lee Jackson a room. 3-10
1 year later Elanor Hamilton dies. Lee Jackson goes on a rampage and then kills himself. 3-11
The same day Randy Fisk and Jason Miller discover that their powers increased when Lee Jackson died. 3-21
Late 1990's The intelligence community recruits Laurel Darkhaven and she disappears. 4-14
Late 1990's or early 2000's Jason Miller visits his family in Pederson, and Critical Maas takes control of him. 13-9
Spring 2002 Robert Daniel Miller is born. P-6
2 weeks later Joey Drake is murdered. His funeral is a few days later. P-14
1 week later Jerry Montrose visits Dr. Welles. P-14
Shortly therafter Jerry Montrose returns Jason Miller's copy of Megaman #1. P-16
The same week Randy Fisk appears in People Magazine. 3-2
1 week later Peter Dawson is murdered. 2-12
The next day The police question Dr. Welles 2-1
Shortly thereafter John Simon visits Dr. Welles. 2-16
Shortly thereafter The news stations report that Flagg must change his name. 3-4
That night John Simon visits Randy Fisk. 3-4
A short time later David Mueller is murdered. 4-18
A short time later John Simon contacts Clarence Mack. Clarence spies on Jason Miller's dream. Jason Miller kills Clarence. John Simon visits Lionel Zerb to contact Clarence. 5-8
A short time later Flagg's name is changed to Patriot. Jason Miller, Jerry Montrose, Rev. Kane, and Joshua Kane conspire to mislead the government. The Senate invokes the Stanwick Powers Act and issues warrants. 6-1
Over a few weeks The government rounds up the Specials, beginning with the low-powers in Pederson. John Simon fights Matthew Bright. Dr. Welles is captured. Several Specials hide out at a ranch provided by Chandra. 9-1
July 2002 The Surge 9-1
After the Surge Critical Maas takes over Chicago. Cathy Jean becomes her prisoner at some point. William Corealis (formerly Smith) begins helping Normals escape. 9-7
After the Surge Jerry Montrose returns to Las Vegas to work at Caesar's Palace. 9-2
Late October 2002 Atlanta is burned and TNT is destroyed. 9-7
2006 NexusCorp becomes the leading NASDAQ growth stock. 9-13
Spring 2011 John Simon breaks off contact with the other Specials and secretly moves back to Pederson with Dr. Welles. 9-15
About the same time Attorney General Luann Michaels makes her last comment about the Specials until Mediaweek interviews her a year later. 9-4
Early Summer 2012 Randy Fisk arranges with the Justice Department for amnesty for the Specials who help to free Chicago. 9-19
July 14, 2012 Mediaweek publishes it's "Ten Years After" special. 9-1
After the magazine is published Randy Fisk and Elizabeth Chandra recruit John Simon into Randy's plan to retake Chicago. 9-14
A short time later John Simon, Randy Fisk, Elizabeth Chandra, and Joshua Kane enter Chicago. 10-1
A few hours later Willie Smith saves John Simon. 11-1
Over the next few minutes The other Specials enter Chicago, and a tactical nuclear weapon is detonated. 12-1
Over the next few days An all-out war erupts in Chicago. Senator McClellan sends Matthew Bright and Jason Miller to Chicago. Critical Maas is defeated. 13-1
2028 Poet begins writing his history of the Specials 0-5