Issue 17 Synopsis

Rising Stars 17

Review by Mike Helba

After a long wait, Rising Stars 17 finally jumps another 20 years into the future. This issue uses a device that is common to several Rising Stars issues. We are brought up to speed by one character telling another about several of the other Specials. In this case, it is Jason Miller telling the comatose Matthew Bright about their friends.

Twenty years earlier, the Specials decided to use their powers to change the world for the better, whether the world wants their help or not. Over the decades, they have fought crime, disarmed nuclear powers, created fertile soil, raised billions of dollars for worthy causes, created fantastic inventions, and encouraged people to take responsibility for helping their neighbors.

Throughout the story, we are given hints about the opposition of some people to the Specials and of the costs some of the Specials have paid. Jason Miller's tragic situation, which has been foreshadowed before, is finally revealed.

This issue promises more conflict for the Specials in the future. If my math is correct John Simon will be the last Special left alive in only two years, so things should heat up fairly quickly.

The synopsis provides a detailed summary of Issue 17. It contains spoilers.