Dr. William Welles

A Rising Stars Character Profile

Character Description

Dr. Welles is the physician assigned by a Supreme Court order to monitor the Specials during their childhood. He has previously worked for the government on child welfare cases, but he was surprised to get this job.

His orders were to learn about the powers and help the children adjust to them. However, the third aspect of his job is to betray the Specials to the government if it ever becomes necessary. Dr. Welles has compiled a report about the strengths and weakness of each Special, including how each can be killed if necessary. While this aspect is distasteful to Dr. Welles, he realizes that it is necessary.

Dr. Welles promised the children that they could always come to him and he would never judge them. He keeps this promise even when the Specials are adults.

Dr. Welles is especially close with John Simon. He has kept the secret of John's main power from everyone else.

Appearances and Mentions

Dr. Welles writes in his diary after seeing Matthew Bright fly for the first time.
Dr. Welles is visited by Jerry Montrose.
Dr. Welles in interviewed by the police after Peter Dawson's murder and discusses it with John Simon.
Cathy tells a coworker about the games Dr. Welles organized and of his friendship with John Simon.