Willie Smith

A Rising Stars Character Profile

Character Description

Willie Smith did not have a very happy childhood. Dr. Welles believes that the limitation of Willie's power was psychological and due to a poor self image. Most of the other Specials teased him, saying that he couldn't fly any higher because he was overweight. Willie thought of his power as something that was wrong with him.

On a particularly bad day Willie glared defiantly at his tormentors and then began rising into the air. He didn't stop until he disappeared. When Matthew Bright finally came to his senses and searched for Willie, he was gone.

His Power: Willie Smith could fly, but only a few feet off the ground.

His Fate: Willie disappeared as a child when he rose into the sky and didn't stop.

Appearances and Mentions

John Simon writes briefly about Willie.
As a child, Willie says he thinks there is something wrong with the Specials.
John Simon writes about Willie's life and disappearance.