Joshua Kane (Sanctuary)

A Rising Stars Character Profile

Character Description

Joshua Kane was raised in an extremely right-wing religious family. His parents feel that his powers are a gift from God, but they can not reconcile the existence of 112 other Specials.

Joshua uses his powers to push extremist right-wing agendas. Abortion clinic protests are a favorite activity of his, and the media coverage he receives on these occasions brings him more followers.

Joshua has his own cathedral in Montana and a syndicated television program.

Joshua does not get along well with the other Specials. His father doesn't allow him to speak to the others, and many of them consider Joshua a fanatic.

Joshua Kane has a secret.

His Power: Joshua Kane can produced dazzling light displays and levitate himself.

Appearances and Mentions

John Simon writes briefly about Joshua.
As a child, Joshua demonstrates his powers for the doctors.
John Simon writes that it would be almost impossible for Joshua to avoid the press long enough to commit a murder.
Cathy tells a coworker about Joshua.