Jerry Montrose (Pyre)

A Rising Stars Character Profile

Character Description

Jerry Montrose is on the run. When he developed a pyro power similar to Lee Jackson's he was immediately distrusted. He decided to give people exactly what they expect from him and became a troubled teenager. On his 18th birthday he left Pederson and moved to Las Vegas where he worked for two years as an attraction and enforcer. He found himself on the wrong side of the law when his bosses involved him in an extortion plot.

Jerry Montrose is vilified in the press, which gave him the name Pyre. He is blamed for several deaths, which he claims he has been framed for. He fights repeatedly with Jason Miller. When turned on, Jerry's power makes him appear to be engulfed in flame. He rarely turns this power off now.

Ostracized from the rest of the Specials, Jerry is very much alone. The only person he can talk to is Dr. Welles.

His Power: Jerry Montrose is a pyro. He is able to create and control fire. He can levitate and fly when his power is turned on. He is also apparently strong and tough enough to (barely) hold his own in a fight against Jason Miller.

Appearances and Mentions

Jerry visits Dr. Welles.
Dr. Welles briefly mentions Jerry to a police officer.
Scenes of several Specials battling Jerry are shown as Randy Fisk talks about Lee Jackson.
Cathy briefly mentions Jerry to a coworker.