John Simon (Poet)

A Rising Stars Character Profile

Character Description

John Simon has taken up the mission to find the killer and stop him. His birth was the result of an extramarital affair by his mother. He was conceived just as the flash hit, and he believes this makes a difference between himself and the rest of the specials. He acts as a sort of big brother to the rest of the Specials. He is shy and hates the capability for violence within himself.

As the name Poet implies, John Simon is a writer and poet. Unfortunately, he has not been very successful with the critics or the public.

When John Simon is the last of the Specials left alive, he begins to write a history to tell the truth about their lives.

His Power: John Simon is sensitive to electrical impulses and can control them. He can detect if a videotape has been edited and avoid detection by surveillance equipment. He also has another power that he would have been terminated for, but only he and Dr. Welles know about it. This power may be capable of killing all the Specials.

His Fate: It is clearly stated in Issue 1 that John Simon will be the last Special left alive, and he will live into his sixties.

Appearances and Mentions

John is the narrator.
John is the narrator.
John meets with Dr. Welles about the murders then writes in his journal about them.
John learns the history of Lee Jackson from Randy Fisk.
Cathy tells a coworker about John and remembers a conversation she overheard between him and Dr. Welles.