Jason Miller (Patriot)

A Rising Stars Character Profile

Character Description

Character Description

As a child, Jason Miller was a huge comic book fan. He imagined that the Specials would form a superhero crimefighting league when they grew up. As an adult, he learned that being a superhero required money, so he hired himself out to NexusCorp as their corporate superhero.

While Jason began with the name "Flagg", he later changes it to "Patriot" because of copyright issues.

At the beginning of the story, Jason seems to be having some moral qualms about the types of missions NexusCorp is assigning to him.

NexusCorp's scientists discover that Jason's powers decline as he uses them, but they increase when another Special dies. This prompts Jason to begin killing the low-power Specials. When John Simon learns his secret Jason makes a premptive strike by joining with Jerry Montrose and Joshua Kane to present a false story to the government implicating other Specials in a conspiracy.

After the Surge, Jason continues to play his role as a Special loyal to the government by protecting Normals and hunting down rogue Specials. NexusCorp still collects fees for his services.

His Power: Jason Miller has enhances strength, endurance, and invulnerability. He is also incredibly fast and can fly.

Appearances and Mentions

Jerry Montrose describes his long-standing feud with Jason.
Jason demonstrates his powers for the doctors.