Lee Jackson

A Rising Stars Character Profile

Character Description

Lee Jackson was the most infamous of the Specials.

When the Specials were children, they were sent to a camp where doctors investigated their powers. Lee was molested by one of the counselors. The first time Lee's power manifested itself was when he ordered the counselor to burn. The man was engulfed in flame.

Lee went on the run with his parents. One night, his parents were killed in a motel fire. It's possible that Lee accidentally started the fire in his sleep. Lee raised himself on the streets, stealing when necessary. Then, one day he turned over a new leaf. He helped out an old woman named Elanor Hamilton and she gave him room and board.

Lee was turning his life around when a gang killed Elanor. Lee went on a rampage through the city hunting down the gang. At the end, he realized that he had become a monster, just like the counselor who had molested him. Lee summoned up all his energy and exploded in a giant fireball.

His Power: Lee Jackson was a pyro. He was able to create and control fire.

His Fate: Lee Jackson used his power to commit suicide before the beginning of the main story.

Appearances and Mentions

John Simon mentions Lee's power.
Jerry Montrose tells Dr. Welles that others are afraid of him because he has the same power as Lee.
Lee Jackson burns a camp counselor.