Elizabeth Chandra

A Rising Stars Character Profile

Character Description

Elizabeth Chandra finds everything she wants in a mirror except for love. Her power causes her to be ogled by admirers, but she is left feeling very alone.

She usually goes by her last name alone.

Chandra is very wealthy from her career as a model. She lives in a huge Beverly Hills mansion. Some of the most powerful men in the world attend to her every need. However, all the men are required to wear featureless masks. When she looks at them, she sees John Simon, whom she secretly loves.

Her Power: Elizabeth Chandra is the most beautiful woman in the world to everyone who sees her.

Appearances and Mentions

John Simon writes briefly about Chandra.
The artwork shows Chandra growing up.
Dr. Welles discusses Chandra's power with a police officer.
Randy Fisk remembers a childhood conversation between Chandra and Lee Jackson.
Clarence Mack tells John Simon about Chandra's secret.