Matthew Bright

A Rising Stars Character Profile

Character Description

Matthew Bright is the best of the Specials. As a child he loved practicing with his powers. He has a great deal of love and respect for his father and for the law. Matthew's dream was to follow his father into law enforcement.

Matthew was not allowed to work in his chosen field because of his powers. He left Pederson, created a false identity, and became a New York City police officer. He was a good cop, keeping his powers secret. Then, a police raid went bad and several officers were trapped in a burning, collapsing building. Matthew revealed his powers to save them. The Mayor and NYPD kept him on, against the wishes of Paulson and the Committee.

Matthew Bright fights crime all over the world. The rest of the Specials are very proud of him and call him "the best of us".

His Power: Matthew Bright can fly, is stronger than almost any other Special, and is difficult to hurt.

Appearances and Mentions

John Simon writes briefly about Matthew.
As a child, Matthew is the first to reveal his powers to the world.
Dr. Welles briefly mention Matthew. John Simon writes briefly about Matthew.
Lee Jackson watches Matthew receive a Medal of Honor on television.
Cathy tells a coworker about Matthew.