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Protectors, Inc. Issue 1 released 06 November 2013

Issue 1 of Protector’s, Inc. premiers today, Wednesday 06 November 2013. Protector’s Inc. is a new series from Joe’s Comics and Image written by J. Michael Straczynski, with art by Gordon PUrcell and colors by Michael Atiyeh.

Here is the description from Studio JMS:

Protectors, Inc. Heroes in a world without super-powered bad guys.  Heroes with corporate sponsors and far too polite rivalries and sporting franchises. Heroes without anything or anyone to fight…until one of them is murdered in ways that could only have been accomplished by someone with equal powers.

The mystery falls to Lieutenant Detective John Riley to unravel, an ordinary man whose investigation takes him into a strange and dangerous world light years beyond his abilities to understand, and very likely far beyond his capacity to survive.

The trail will lead to a secret held for over fifty years that could threaten the very existence of Protectors, Inc., an impossible love affair, and a serial killer whose work is not yet finished.

Issue 1 of Sidekick released 07 August 2013

Issue 1 of Sidekick was released on Wednesday 07 August 2013. Sidekick tells the story of Flyboy, who is desperately trying to live down his past as a sidekick and all that it entails. It is written by J. Michael Straczynski with art by Tom Mandrake, colors by HiFi, and letters by Troy Peteri. The title of Issue 1 is “Ever Again”.

Ten Grand Issue 1 released 01 May 3013

Issue 1 of Ten Grand was released today, Wednesday 01 May 2013. Written by J. Michael Straczynski and illustrated by Ben Templesmith, Ten Grand is the story of Joe Fitzgerald, a former mob enforcer who can not follow the woman he loves to where she is going in the afterlife. In exchange for his service to a new power, he is resurrected each time he dies in a righteous cause, but during those five minutes before resurrection he is briefly reunited with his love. Issue 1 is titled “Blood Oath”.

Ten Grand resurrects the Joe’s Comics imprint, once again published by Image Comics. This is the first published product from Studio JMS.