Midnight Nation 11 Synopsis

"The Wheel"

David screams Laurel's name as the Walkers hold him back. The Other Guy calmly informs him that she will die, but not until David releases her. The Walkers look sad when the Other Guy points out that they couldn't save Laurel at this point of their own journeys either. David can only affect how she dies, why she dies, and what happens after.

David wants to know what this has to do with his soul and what the Other Guy wants from him. The Other Guy says he only wants to give David's soul back as promised, but David refuses. He wants to know what his soul has to do with Laurel. The Other Guy notes that David is concerned for Laurel even though he can do nothing for her. David doesn't believe this so the Other Guy asks Laurel if he is telling the truth. She merely looks up briefly.

The other guy begs with Laurel to cooperate. He doesn't enjoy doing this to her, and he can't understand why she allows it rather than rebelling. He tells Laurel that he loved her once. God's punishment to the Other Guy is to send Laurel to him to endure this pain repeatedly. He begs her to rebel, but she refuses. He knows the cycle will continue.

He questions David's desire to help Laurel, and asks if he even knows what she is. The Other Guy says she isn't a woman in need like his wife or one of the desperate souls they met on their journey. He says she lied to him, that she isn't his ally, and that she isn't even human. He commands David to see Laurel as he sees her. Suddenly, Laurel appears as a terrible angelic form glowing with white fire. The Other Guy stops David's clear vision, saying that she can not be looked at like that for long.

The Other Guy explains that Laurel waits in the Void until the Other Guy touches someone as he touched David. It's true that David had one year to regain his soul, but Laurel lied about the reason. It wasn't to avoid the Other Guy's service. All the Walkers, he explains, have regained their souls. David asks about the growing tattoos. The Other Guy explains that the markings signify that David is the Other Guy's property. They mean David belongs somewhere, which is important because without a soul he belongs nowhere. After the one-year deadline, the soul can not be restored, and David would wander trapped between the two worlds. Without a soul, David is of no use to either Laurel or the Other Guy because he would be unable to make a choice.

The Other Guy explains that David's soul is the only currency he has, and Laurel's side wants him to have it when the time comes to choose. The Other Guy says God's choice is not really a choice, because it relies on hope, and hope is a lie. Hope means that any obstacle can be overcome. Hope means that no one has fallen so far that they can't return home, says the Other Guy sotto voice, obviously referring to himself. God refuses to admit that hope is a lie, so he sends Laurel and other like her out time and again to endure the pain of this pointless quest.

The Other Guy offers David his soul and his choice. If he takes it, he will retain his markings and enter the Other Guy's service, but he will be whole again and live as long as the Other Guy. He will be free to do as he pleases when he isn't needed. People will fear him, but he need fear no one. Or... David can give his soul to the soulless, non-human Laurel to end her cycle of pain. She would be born as a human, live, die, and receive here reward or punishment in the afterlife. However, if David gives up his soul he will wander forever belonging to neither the real world nor the world in-between. He will be forsaken by both God and the Other Guy.

David questions the Walkers, and they bow their heads in shame for retaining their souls. The Other Guy explains that the people in-between watch the start of each of Laurel's quests and wait for a sign. The sign never comes and they are disappointed. He tells David not to continue the lie. David has struggled long for this moment. The other Guy urges David to take what is his.

David takes the glowing blue flame into his hand and walks to the crucified Laurel. He begins to apologize to her, and she says she forgives him. David suggests that he put Laurel through all this for nothing. Laurel is confused by his statement and is even more surprised when David says, "I love you," and forces his soul into her chest.

Laurel explodes into an angel of glowing white-blue fire and launches into the sky. The people lost in-between across the country watch the rising star in happiness. Arthur wipes a tear from his eye and suddenly finds himself back in the real world. He knows that he will be fine now. Lazarus grunts his approval.

The Walkers and the Other Guy are stunned. David lays on the ground draped in a sudden cold. The Other guy reaches into David's soulless chest as David dissolves from his realm. "I certainly didn't see that coming," muses the Other Guy.

As David twists on the ground in pain with his Walker tattoos fading, Laurel floats in the ether and converses with a higher power. Her long journey is now over because David gave for her. Laurel knows that David's journey is just beginning, and she is concerned about whether he will know that she loved him. She marvels at David's beautiful soul and at her beating heart. She and the higher power part company for now.

David awakes back in the real world. He can see the police officer who asks him if he needs help. However, he can also see several people stuck in-between, and they can see him.