Issue 7 Synopsis

Midnight Nation 7

Review by Mike Helba

Midnight Nation is a 12-issue comic book series written by J. Michael Straczynski and published by Top Cow under the Joe's Comics imprint.

David Grey's journey to his destiny continues to accelerate in Issue 7.

David learns more about the Walkers and their leader, the Other Guy. The Other Guy explains his philosophy to David, hoping to convert him to the Walkers' cause. This is something that has been evident throughout the story, and in fact it is common to many stories about supernatural beings acquiring human souls. Just like his parallels in other stories, the Other Guy wants David to make a conscious choice to join him.

This is one of the choices referred to in the title, "Decisions, Decisions, Decisions." Will David believe the Other Guy's philosophy, or will he continue to fight for his soul?

David has a third choice also. In Issue 5 the reluctant Walker urged David to ask Laurel to take his life. This possibility comes to the forefront again. David's history and his outlook on life will determine the choice he finally makes.

The identities of Laurel's boss and the Other Guy are beginning to look more and more like God and the Devil. The Other Guy even refers to his opponent as the maker of all things.

One thing that seems odd in this issue are the Other Guy's comments about how he doesn't want David to die. He points out that the Walkers have never attacked him. They have only defended themselves when David attacked them. He reminds David that he has killed or wounded many Walkers during his journey.

This doesn't make sense to me. If a prospective Walker kills a dozen Walkers during his year-long transformation, then the Walker population isn't going to survive for very long. I see three possible explanations for this situation.

First, David Grey may be special. The Other Guy may think it is worth the lives of several Walkers to bring David into his fold.

Second, perhaps not every victim of the Walkers gets a guide like Laurel. Maybe there are thousands of people transforming into Walkers to replenish the Walker ranks. Without Laurel's help, these other victims aren't racking up huge Walker body counts. This second possibility might be related to the first. Maybe David gets a guide because he is special.

The third explanation is that the whole story is just an allegory, and it doesn't matter that the numbers don't add up.

I may never learn which of my three choices is true, but you'll learn David Grey's answer to his decision in Issue 7.

The synopsis provides a detailed summary of Issue 7. It contains spoilers.