Official Site
The official MGM Jeremiah web site has short biographies for the two lead actors, a brief video clip, and a picture gallery with both behind-the-scenes and on-set photographs..

Showtime Site
This is the official Showtime site for Jeremiah.

Jeremiah Portal
Platinum Studios' site for the Jeremiah television show and Jeremiah projects in other media.

MGM Sci-Fi Newsletter, September 2001
This article has short biographies of four cast members.

MGM Sci-Fi Newsletter, January 2002
This photo gallery has several pictures from Jeremiah, mostly of Luke Perry.

Builder of Worlds: Straczynski Talks Jeremiah
This interview with Joe Straczynski comes from the February 2002 issue of the MGM Sci-Fi Newsletter.

TV Critics Press Tour
This is a transcript of the Jeremiah press conference at the January 2002 Television Critics Association Press Tour. Joe Straczynski, Luke Perry, and Malcolm-Jamal Warner participated.

From Men in Black to Jeremiah
This interview with Executive Producer Scott Mitchell Rosenberg focuses on the translation of Jeremiah from comic book to television series.

The Abyss: Jeremiah
The Jeremiah section of The Abyss has a great collection of episode and cast information, news, photographs, and more.

TV Tome
This site is setting itself up to be a comprehensive guide to the show.

Jeremiah Logbook
This is a holding page for a future Jeremiah episode guide.

This reference has an archive that reveals how news about Jeremiah became available.

GEOS: Global Episode Opinion Survey: Jeremiah
At this site you can vote for episodes of Jeremiah (and other genre shows) by ranking them on a scale of 0 to 10. Another very useful feature of this site is the hyperlinked cast and character list for each episode. You can cross-reference episodes by characters, so that you can, for example, find all the episodes that Ezekiel appears in.

The Western Alliance
This site is dedicated to a grassroots fan effort to renew Jeremiah for a third season. Look here for suggestions of things you can do to help.