Introducing the Excalibur's Crew

First Published: 05/26/99

In two weeks, the stories of the Babylon 5 universe will resume with Crusade, the spin-off series which focuses on the crew of the Excalibur and its quest to find a cure for the Drakh plague. Who are the people entrusted with this vital mission?

Captain Matthew Gideon commands the Excalibur. Gideon is a bit darker than the average leading man and is not the straight arrow that one would expect to see assigned to such an important mission.

Gary Cole plays Matthew Gideon. Gary's face is familiar to many from his roles on Midnight Caller and American Gothic.

Dureena Nafeel is the thief who appeared in "A Call to Arms". She is dedicated to revenge against any allies of the Shadows who destroyed her world and left her the only surviving member of her race.

Carrie Dobro plays Dureena Nafeel. Carrie has appeared on Hypernauts and Babylon 5 - as Dr. Harrison in "Exogenesis" and a Brakiri in "Racing Mars".

Lt. John Matheson is the Excalibur's first officer. As a telepath in the post-Psi Corps world of 2267, he is allowed to be an Earth Force officer, but he must submit to periodic psi scans to verify that he hasn't abused his abilities.

Daniel Dae Kim plays John Matheson. He was recently seen in The Jackal.

Dr. Sarah Chambers is the head of the Excalibur's medical department. She must evaluate any potential cures that may save the humans quarantined on Earth - including her sister.

Marjean Holden plays Sarah Chambers. She has appeared on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Mortal Combat: Annihilation. Marjean studies martial arts and plans to produce and direct a feature film that she wrote.

Max Eilerson works for Interplanetary Expeditions (IPX) as a xenoarchaeologist and linguist. He may be more interested in securing a profit than a cure.

David Allen Brooks plays Max Eilerson. He has appeared in The Doors.

Captain Elizabeth Lochley still commands Babylon 5 in 2267 and will interact with the Excalibur's crew on several occasions.

Tracy Scoggins reprises the role of Elizabeth Lochley which she played in the fifth season of Babylon 5.

Galen is a Technomage who has been exiled from his order for helping mankind instead of remaining isolated. He travels in his own ship but comes onto the Excalibur to dispense his mysterious wisdom. Galen appeared in "A Call to Arms".

Peter Woodward plays Galen. He has worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company and is also an accomplished fight director.