The Babylon 5 Scripts of J. Michael Straczynski

J. Michael Straczynski is selling a fourteen-volume collection os all the Babylon 5 scripts that he authored. They are published in book form and can be ordered from

Each of the fourteen volumes contains approximately seven episode scripts. Volume 1 includes the original 1989 version of "The Gathering" that was used to sell the show but which was massively changed prior to production, featuring different characters including Kosh's life-mate, Velana. Volume 14 includes "In the Beginning".

Each volume has an original introduction from Straczynski and a lengthy discussion of each episode, totaling almost 60 pages per book. Straczynski includes much behind the scenes information never revealed before along with commentary on what went into the writing and producing. Black and white behind-the-scenes photgraphs from Straczynski's private collection are included. These have never been seen before. Some books have more photos than others depending on how often Straczynski visited the set during the filming of the included episodes. When preparing this collection, Straczynski discovered an archive of production memos that he had completely forgotten about, and he selected the most interesting to be included.

New volumes will be released approximately once a month. For the first week or so after each new volume is released, the price is reduced by $10. Shipping charges are reasonable, and international shipping is available.

A fifteenth volume will be given without charge (and free shipping) to those who purchase all fourteen volumes. This volume will contain a host of Babylon 5 Holy Grail material. The final production draft of "The Gathering" compliments the original script included in Volume 1. This is followed by the unfilmed "Soul Hunter" script that Straczynski recalled when he realized that he had unwittingly written a Star Trek style script instead of a Babylon 5 style script. Straczynski will include the script pages written for the infamous practical joke played on Andreas Katsulas and Peter Jurasik that had G'Kar changing genders and ending up in bed with Londo. Next there is a never-before-seen draft of "And the Sky Full of Stars" written before Straczynski got the go-ahead for the series to show Warner Bros. how the series would work. It is massively different and a bit more surreal from what was filmed. The original Babylon 5 series bible will be included. Perhaps the most interesting item will be the five-year arc overview given to Warner Bros. before Season One began filming to show how the series would work. This outline follows Sinclair's character through all five years.


VolumeScriptsSupplemental MaterialRelease Date
  • The Gathering (Original 1989 Pilot Script)
  • Midnight on the Firing Line
  • Soul Hunter
  • Infection
  • The Parliament of Dreams
  • Mind War
  • A 53-page introduction
  • 11 pages of photographs
  • 30 pages of memos written during the production of "The Gathering"
29 October 2005
  • And the Sky, Full of Stars
  • Signs and Portents
  • A Voice in the Wilderness, Part 1
  • A Voice in the Wilderness, Part 2
  • Babylon Squared
  • The Quality of Mercy
  • Chrysalis
  • A 57-page introduction
  • 8 pages of photographs
  • 37 pages of memos including premises for unproduced episodes
26 November 2005
  • Points of Departure
  • Revelations
  • The Geometry of Shadows
  • A Race Through Dark Places
  • The Coming of Shadows
  • All Alone in the Night
  • Acts of Sacrifice
  • A 60-page introduction
  • 27 pages of memos
02 January 2006
  • Hunter, Prey
  • And Now for a Word
  • In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum
  • Confessions and Lamentations
  • Divided Loyalties
  • The Long, Twilight Struggle
  • Comes the Inquisitor
  • A 57-page introduction
  • 10 pages of photographs
  • Partial "Festival!" script with introduction and notes
11 February 2006
  • The Fall of Night
  • Matters of Honor (Original Draft)
  • Matters of Honor (Production Draft)
  • Convictions
  • A Day in the Strife
  • Passing Through Gethsemane
  • Voices of Authority
  • Dust to Dust
  • A 57-page introduction
  • 20 pages of memos
10 March 2006
  • Exogenesis
  • Messages from Earth
  • Point of No Return
  • Severed Dreams
  • Ceremonies of Light and Dark
  • Sic Transit Vir
  • A Late Delivery from Avalon
  • A tribute to Andreas Katsulas
  • A 52-page introduction
  • memos
  • photographs
18 April 2006
  • Ship of Tears
  • Interludes and Examinations
  • War Without End, Part 1
  • War Without End, Part 2
  • Walkabout
  • Grey 17 Is Missing
  • And the Rock Cried out No Hiding Place
  • A 63-page introduction
  • 10 pages of photographs
  • "Never Surrender Dreams" postcard (if ordered by 31 August 2006)
22 May 2006
  • Shadow Dancing
  • Z'ha'dum
  • The Hour of the Wolf
  • Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?
  • The Summoning
  • Falling Toward Apotheosis
  • The Long Night
  • A 50-page introduction
  • 15 pages of black & white concept art
  • Full-color back cover with concept art
21 July 2006
  • Into the Fire
  • Epiphanies
  • The Illusion of Truth
  • Atonement
  • Racing Mars
  • Lines of Communication
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • A 51-page introduction
  • 11 pages of photographs
  • Straczynski's outline for one of the B5 novels
  • Full-color back cover with concept art
29 September 2006
  • Rumors, Bargains and Lies
  • Moments of Transition
  • No Surrender, No Retreat
  • The Exercise of Vital Powers
  • The Face of the Enemy
  • Intersections in Real Time (A Passing Shadow)
  • Between the Darkness and the Light
  • A 56-page introduction
  • Memo to TNT for an alternate version of Season 5
  • Full-length treatment for the B5 sequel series proposed before Crusade
  • Full-color back cover with concept art
28 February 2007
  • Endgame
  • Rising Star
  • Sleeping in Light
  • The Deconstruction of Falling Stars
  • No Compromises
  • The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari
  • The Paragon of Animals
  • A 72-page introduction covering the turbulent period surrounding Babylon 5's Season Five renewal
  • Full-color back cover with concept art
19 April 2007
  • A View from the Gallery
  • Learning Curve
  • Strange Relations
  • Secrets of the Soul
  • In the Kingdom of the Blind
  • A Tragedy of Telepaths
  • Phoenix Rising
  • A 54-page introduction including the final Christmas memo Straczynski wrote to the cast and crew
  • 20 pages of graphics and photos, long thought lost, from the earliest stages of creating B5
  • Full-color back cover with concept art
31 August 2007
shipped 18 September 2007
  • The Ragged Edge
  • The Corps Is Mother, the Corps Is Father
  • Meditations on the Abyss
  • Darkness Ascending
  • And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder
  • Movements of Fire and Shadow
  • The Fall of Centauri Prime
  • A 46-page introduction
  • 10 pages of memos focusing on Babylon 5's move to TNT
  • A 19-page photo section with commentary
  • Full-color back cover with concept art
23 January 2008
  • Wheel of Fire
  • Objects in Motion
  • Objects at Rest
  • In the Beginning (Producer's Script Book)
expected March 2008
  • The Gathering (final production draft)
  • Soul Hunter (recalled draft)
  • And the Sky Full of Stars (alternate draft)
  • G'Kar / Londo love scene practical joke
  • Babylon 5 Writer's Bible
  • Memo describing five-year arc with Sinclair
expected to ship with Volume 14