Babylon 5


Primary Sites

The Lurker's Guide
This venerable web site is descended from the original fan FTP site for Babylon 5. The episode airdate lists, guides, synopses, and credits are the definitive reference for online Babylon 5 fandom.

Spoiler Junkies Page
The Spoiler Junkies Page hosts detailed synopses of all episodes plus pictures, interviews, and reviews.

ISN News: The Zocalo Today
The Zocalo Today brings you up-to-date news about Babylon 5 and its cast and crew. Following in the footsteps of the e-mail 'zine that preceded it, this web site encourages visitor participation.

General Information Sites

190 Bester Place
This is an unbelievably comprehensive reference guide to Babylon 5.

The Abyss
This web site concentrates heavily on Babylon 5's spin-off merchandise. There are excellent references for the novels, comic books, soundtracks, and videos. The Abyss also reports on Straczynski's other projects.

The Galactic Gateway
About a dozen Babylon 5 actors are affiliated with this web site.
BABGUIDE, the Babylon 5 section of, has reference information on Babylon 5 and its spin-offs plus current news.

Warner Bros. Web Site
Although this official web site is no longer updated, it contains a large collection of unique multimedia clips.

Community Oriented Sites

Code 7R - The Secret Realm of the Ranger
This web site caters to Babylon 5 fans with online polls, an excellent convention appearance list, links to Babylon 5 humor, and much more.

ISS Babylon
This is the home of the movement to name the International Space Station after the Babylon Project.

GEOS: Global Episode Opinion Survey: Babylon 5
At this site you can vote for episodes of Babylon 5 (and other genre shows) by ranking them on a scale of 0 to 10. Another very useful feature of this site is the hyperlinked cast and character list for each episode. You can cross-reference episodes by characters, so that you can, for example, find all the episodes that Alfred Bester appears in.