The Earth Alliance

The Earth Alliance is one of the youngest galactic powers in the Babylon 5 universe, but it is quickly making up for lost time.


The citizens of the Earth Alliance are Human.

During Earth's history, the Vorlons abducted ancestors of the Human race. These captives were genetically altered and bred to create a Human telepath gene. In the 21st Century, the Vorlons implanted this gene into the members of astronaut/angel cults. From that point onward, the Human race began to diverge into telepathic and mundane subspecies.


Humanity continues to be culturally diverse in the 23rd Century. The ethnic and regional traditions of Earth are joined by new traditions from the off-world colonies.

Equality of the sexes is a given in the Earth Alliance.

The Human instinct to build communities out of diverse populations was the primary force behind the creation of the Babylon Project.


Humans practice far more religious beliefs than any other alien species. In fact, when Jeffrey Sinclair was tasked with demonstrating Earth's dominant religion to the other ambassadors on Babylon 5, his solution was to assemble one representative from each of nearly 200 Earth religions.

As Humans traveled to the stars, they began practicing new religions like Foundationism, the belief that God can be better understood by studying all Human and alien religions.


In general, Earth's technology is roughly on par with the Narn Regime and many of the Non-Aligned Worlds.

Humans gained a jump start on technology from the Centauri Republic. After first contact in 2156, the Centauri traded jump gate, jump engine, and faster than light communication technology to the Earth Alliance. During the Earth-Minbari War, the Narn Regime sold advanced weaponry (based on Centauri designs) to the Earth Alliance.

As an incentive for joining the Interstellar Alliance, the Minbari offered artificial gravity technology to the Earth Alliance in 2261.


The Earth Alliance is a democratic republic made up of several political consortiums on Earth and numerous colonies including Mars, Io, Proxima III, Orion VII, Tau Ceti IV, Deneb IV, and Arisa. After the conclusion of the Earth Civil War, the Earth Alliance granted independence to Mars.

The government has three branches, the Senate, the Executive, and the Judiciary. The President is elected by popular vote and serves for a five-year term with the possibility of reelection. The seat of government is Earthdome in Geneva, Switzerland.

The bulk of the Earth Alliance government is a vast bureaucracy with several powerful organizations.

EarthForce is the military and peacekeeping arm of the government. Both space and ground forces fall under the jurisdiction of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. During the Earth Civil War, many EarthForce units defected to follow General Hague and Captain Sheridan. This resulted in several unfortunate and bloody battles with loyalist forces.

Psi Corps is an organization meant to register, train, and monitor telepaths. It became self-governing to the point where high-level telepaths are actually in control of the Corps. They guide its actions for the betterment of loyal telepaths, and not necessarily in the best interests of mundane humans. The Psi Corps aligned itself with Vice President Clark and even violated its charter to endorse him during his last election campaign.

During President Clark's corrupt rule, he created the Ministry of Peace. This ministry and its subordinate organization, the Nightwatch, were supposedly created to safeguard the Earth Alliance against sedition. In fact, they were tasked with eradicating President Clark's political enemies and anyone else who questioned his authority.

Relations with Other Species

The Vorlons manipulated Humans just as they manipulated most of the other races. Through visitations over the millennia, Humans were conditioned to respond favorably to the angelic appearance of the Vorlons. The Vorlons also captured primitive Humans and used them to breed a telepath gene which they later inserted into the population. They encouraged Kevin Vacit to build a strong Psi Corps with breeding programs to quickly produce stronger telepaths. Vorlons also had a hand in prompting the Minbari to seek out the Humans, setting off a chain of events that led to the Earth-Minbari War.

The Earth Alliance was an ally of the Shadows during the Shadow War of the 23rd Century, although EarthForce did not actively participate in any conflicts. In fact, the alliance was a secret known only to President Clark's corrupt administration and certain factions within the Psi Corps. The only Humans who fought against the Shadows were the dissidents who joined John Sheridan and the individuals who joined the Rangers.

The Centauri Republic has generally had cordial relations with the Earth Alliance. Humans have always felt closest to the Centauri because they were the first aliens encountered and because of the superficial physical similarities between the species. In fact, the Centauri tried to gain an early advantage by claiming that Earth was a lost Centauri colony. The Earth Alliance and Centauri Republic reinforced their relationship with an extensive treaty in 2259, however this was likely due to the fact that the governments of both powers were highly influenced by the Shadows at the time.

The Narn Regime provided the Earth Alliance with weapons (at a hefty profit) during the Earth-Minbari War, despite the fact that the war could have been avoided if the Humans had heeded Ambassador G'Kar's advice. Years later, President Clark's administration turned a deaf ear to the Narn cries for help during the Second Narn-Centauri War.

As odd as it may sound, the Minbari Federation is quite favorably disposed towards the Earth Alliance. Valen had a profound impact on Minbari culture, religion, politics, and philosophy in the 13th Century, and Valen is actually Jeffrey Sinclair, a Human who traveled back in time. The Minbari did initiate a war of genocide against all Humans when an EarthForce Fleet killed the Minbar leader Dukhat during a first contact situation. However, the Minbari surrendered on the eve of victory when they believed that Minbari souls were being reincarnated as Humans. This belief colored many of the Minbari government's interactions with the Earth Alliance. The Minbari funded the fifth Babylon station and used its influence to ensure that Jeffrey Sinclair would be placed in command. After the conclusion of the Earth Civil War, the relationship between the two powers improved and the Minbari began sharing technology with the Earth Alliance.

The Earth Alliance is viewed favorably by the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. In its first major interstellar conflict, the Dilgar War, EarthForce and a coalition of Non-Aligned Worlds defeated the Dilgar, who had committed numerous atrocities against several worlds. This influence among the Non-Aligned Worlds was probably responsible for elevating the Earth Alliance to the position of a major galactic power so quickly.