Babylon 5 Grid Epsilon Irregulars

Were you there at the dawn of the Third Age of Mankind? Are you a Grid Epsilon Irregular (GEI)?

In this year of the 10th anniversary of the broadcast of "The Gathering" I'm making Worlds of JMS available as an organizational point for Grid Epsilon Irregulars to check in and get in touch with one another once again. If there is enough interest, we may even arrange a face-to-face reunion at the 2003 Dragon*Con in Atlanta.

If you are a GEI, please add a message to the Grid Epsilon Irregulars topic in the Worlds of JMS forum. Remind us who you are and let us know how you are doing today. You'll have to register for Delphi Forums access to post a message. If you can't or don't want to post in the forum, feel free to send me an email so that I can keep track of all the GEI's who have checked in.

Thanks! I'll add more information to this page as more GEI news develops.

What's a GEI, you ask? Long before shooting even began on the pilot for Babylon 5, Joe Straczynski started his Grand Online Experiment on the GEnie computer network. He interacted with fans, educated them about the television production process, and solicited their opinions on what makes good science fiction. These early supporters grew very attached to the dream given form that would become Babylon 5.

In recognition of their support, JMS placed the Babylon 5 station in Grid Epsilon -- taking the "GE" from GEnie. The exact coordinates of the station actually match the number of the original Babylon 5 topic on GEnie. The fans on GEnie began to call themselves the Grid Epsilon Irregulars. Some of us even received unique Babylon 5 T-shirts from JMS himself.