Dragon*Con 2000

Andreas Katsulas at Dragon*Con 2000

Andreas Katsulas served as the Master of Ceremonies for the Dragon*Con 2000 Masquerade along with Deep Space Nine's Chase Masterson. Andreas played an equal opportunity lech for the show. First he recalled to the stage a woman who's costume completely revealed her bottom for a closer inspection. Then he moaned appreciatively at a man reciting a poem about men in leather and chains. These two stunts gave Ms. Masterson plenty of ammunition for running gags for the rest of the evening.

Andreas Katsulas on the Walk of Fame.
Andreas Katsulas on the Walk of Fame at Dragon*Con 2000.

The infamous stories of the practical joke Andreas and Peter Jurasik played on Joe Straczynski at a convention and Joe's retribution were told at the full-cast panel, but Andreas says he was justified. He maintains that Joe called him at 5:00 a.m. on the morning of the convention in question and begged him for a lesson in humiliation!

Mike Helba with Andreas Katsulas.
Mike Helba, with Andreas Katsulas.

When asked how his role as G'Kar affected his own life, Andreas joked, "I developed a hankering for Earth women."

Some of Andreas' most satisfying work was on the stage in France during the 1980's when he worked with a prestigious touring company.

Bill Mumy praised Andreas' ability to stay in character for an entire day of filming. Andreas was burdened with makeup, a heavy costume, and contact lenses. Bill recalled asking Andreas to at least take the lenses out. "He'd look at me like, 'Andreas isn't here now.'"

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